The PEZ Museum Is A Sweet Attraction In CT

Pez Factory

If you‘re visiting the New Haven, CT area, the PEZ visitor center makes for a really sweet stop. The PEZ museum is located near New Haven in Orange, CT. It features the most comprehensive display of PEZ memorabilia in the entire world. On your self-guided tour you’ll have a colorful inside look at everything PEZ. There are hundreds of PEZ dispensers on display, and lots of history and trivia to read up on. They offer candy demonstrations Monday-Friday in the packing and production factory. The visitors center is also a retail store, so you’ll be able to purchase a PEZ dispenser souvenir. I may have eaten all the candy on the ride home!

PEZ Shoe at the Pez Museum CT

I would definitely try to sport these shoes!

Collection of PEZ Dispensers

Collection of PEZ Dispensers at the PEZ museum

A little history on PEZ

PEZ candy was first produced in the 1920s. The name comes from the German word for peppermint, “Pffefferminz”. I think they made the right call in shortening the candies name to PEZ. They introduced the first dispenser in 1949, which held 12 candy tablets - the same as today! The “feet” on the dispenser base were not added until the 1980s. If you have an old PEZ dispenser kicking around, check and see if it has feet. You may have a vintage collectible on your hands! PEZ continue to be enjoyed all around the globe, with new characters being added each year.

PEZ Museum

Vintage PEZ Dispensers

Vintage PEZ Dispensers

PEZ Visitor Center Admission Rates

Adults: $5
Ages 3-12: $4
Ages 60+: $4
Groups of 10 or more: $4
Candy Demonstration: $3
Paid admission includes a $2 credit for the retail store, which is just enough for a PEZ dispenser souvenir! They also offer a AAA discount.

PEZ Factory

PEZ Factory and Production

ET PEZ Dispensers

ET PEZ Dispensers

PEZ Store at the Pez Museum in CT

The PEZ museum also has a retail portion

After visiting the PEZ museum, I discovered a new appreciation for the toy dispensers I grew up with. They make for a great collector's item, and I love the variety of colors and characters. I’m going to keep a lookout at flea markets! Did you have any PEZ dispensers as a kid?

Pez Museum Connecticut

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