10 Instagrammable Places in Valencia, Spain

1. Playa de la Patacona

Playa de la Patacona is a gorgeous beach located in Valencia. There is no entrance fee, but for a small price you can rent lounge chairs. This beach is perfect for spending a day in the sun, and there are plenty of restaurants nearby if you get hungry.

2. Plaça del Temple

This park bench is located across the street from the Plaça del Temple. It’s situated in the green space just before the wall. In the background, you can see the Església i Palau del Temple, or the Temple. The Temple was an 18th Century church, school and monastery. It’s a religious and historic icon that shouldn’t be missed when sightseeing around Valencia.

3. Calle (Street) de la Paz

One of the most beautiful and busiest streets in the city. I can assure you that when you visit Valencia, you will walk it a thousand times. Also known for its shops, this is the street that leads to the Plaza de la Reina, from where you can enter the Barrio del Carmen.

4. Playa de Port Saplaya Sur

This beach is a quick 15 minute cab or bus ride away from the Valencia city center. It is a beautiful beach and great for some beach wear selfies.

5. L’Umbracle

Surrounded by palm trees, Umbracle is one of the most instagrammable places in Valencia. Here you can enjoy one of the best views in Valencia over the City of Arts and Sciences. At night this place becomes a disco club, with lights, music and drinks going down until the next day.

6. City of Arts and Sciences

The avant-garde style complex, inaugurated in 1998, was long controversial for its high price and some of its buildings' structurally unsound. Inconveniences notwithstanding, the complex is a sight not to be missed and has become one of Valencia's most popular Instagrammable locations.

This is a must-see spot in Valencia due to its unqiue architecture and it is also very instagrammable with plenty of photo opportunities.

7. The Church of San Nicolas

The Church of San Nicolas and San Pedro Martir, located on Calle Caballeros, is a popular tourist destination because of its resemblance to the Valencian Sistine Chapel. This church was rebuilt in the 15th century in the Valencian Gothic style, and later in the 17th century, its interior was decorated in Baroque style.
This will be one of your most memorable visits to Valencia due to the stunning fresco paintings that adorn the ceiling and walls.

8. The Torres de Serranos

The Torres de Serranos are next to the Torres de Quart, the only two fortified gates preserved from the wall that surrounded the city in medieval times. These doors, built in the mid-15th century in the Gothic style, are very well preserved and you can climb to the top from where you get good views of the historic center and the surroundings, for only 2 euros. These towers are a great spot for taking pictures. They are located in a really nice area of the city and they offer some great views of the surrounding area.

9. North Station

This is a great location to take pictures of trains as well as to watch them. There are also some really nice views of the city from here. It is the most trafficked station. Remarkable for its façade, which is inspired by local agriculture. I suggest going into the small room to the right of the entrance, an old cafeteria decorated with glass and ceramic.

10. Plaza de la Virgen

As a Valencia lover, I have been absolutely captivated by this place. It gives us countless beautiful photos every day, depending on the hour, the light, and the events taking place in it. You can't leave Valencia without visiting it!

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